Health Insurance

Health insurance can be stressful when you are looking for a lactation consultant. Ashley is in-network with some insurance companies. 


Ashley is in-network with Aetna and United Health Care of Connecticut and New York. 

As an in-network provider, Ashley will verify your insurance coverage. She will bill your health insurance directly. 

With any medical visit, once the claim is processed, there is the possibility of owing a copayment, coinsurance or part of your deductible. 

“Don’t cry over spilled milk. Unless it is breastmilk, in which case, cry a lot!”

Lactation and breastfeeding baby


All other insurance carriers are considered out-of-network. In this case, families wanting to schedule a lactation consult with Ashley are encouraged to call their insurance company and ask about out-of-network lactation coverage. Families should have access to gap exceptions and reimbursement. When calling insurance companies, families may need the following information:

  • Provider: Ashley Robinson
  • NPI: 1255927620
  • TIN: 862028428
  • Dx Code: Z39.1
  • CPT Code: S9443
  • POS Code: 12 

Employer Programs

Some companies offer access to maternal health care reimbursement through programs such as Carrot or Maeve. For these programs, mothers can access lactation care if the provider is also a doula. Ashley is a certified labor doula through CAPPA and can complete any paperwork you may need for reimbursement.

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